About 4th Recess

fourthrecessFounded in 2011, 4th Recess LLC. is located in Olympia, WA. We are pioneers in web design, business analytics and application architecture for business. We have developed apps for user bases of over 25 million, and written code to manage more than $9.5 Billion in commercial transactions.

Our core focus is on designing and developing high capacity, high performance, high security business applications. Our experience is deep in both business and technology, giving us a unique perspective in designing to meet your business goals. Our experience in using business data to provide value back to the business will give you repeatable processes to discover trends in your markets, and react to them.

4th Recess is named after a high elevation glacial valley in the John Muir Wilderness Area, east of Bishop, California, USA. The valley is protected by a large deep lake and sheer raged cliffs. The valley itself is desolate and dangerous, deprived of vegitation and covered in moving ice and hidden crevasses.


7143 Grayhawk Ln NE
Olympia, WA 98516
Phone: (360) 455-4165



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