Software as a Service

We built the 4th Recess SaaS Framework to help companies with industry knowledge and expertise deliver high quality software applications to their clients.  The framework contains all the components necessary to build an online business quickly and inexpensively.  We can shorten development times by months, if not years by extending solutions that have already been developed and tested.  We simply gather your specific requirements, make the appropriate customizations to the framework modules, and get ready to release to the public.

Once your application is ready to release, we'll work with you to set up your administration console and credit card processing.  From the administration console you'll be able to manage accounts, get reports, issue notifications, and control user access.  We'll also get your help desk, and system support set up, along with any training documentation or video production that is to take place.

We have broad industry and public sector knowledge including experience with state and federal industry regulatory requirements. Our processes are straightforward and our quality and commitment to excellence is second to none.  4th Recess builds high impact Software as a Service applications that deliver value to the business. 

We believe in speed.  We address business problems with a positive, innovative attitude.  We gain an understanding of the end user and their productivity and we design systems to empower users, reduce redundancies, and grow businesses.

    • Component Based Development Process - We've already done the hard work.  We simply take your customization requirements and extend our existing framework components.  This speeds up development time, reduces the cost, and increases the quality.
    • Resilient Application Architecture - We value your business and your data, so we build applications that are tested for performance, have the capacity and scalability to grow, and are secure and recoverable.
    • Service Oriented Architecture - Reliable application integration is an explict focus of our architecture.  Our architecture provides a robust service layer API for service coordination, routing, and scheduling.
    • Reliable Content Management - We know the value of your data to your business.  We apply our experience with highly secure systems to give you the protection you need to ensure your data is secure, yet available.
    • Advanced Web Design - Our applications leverage proven technologies that deliver results, quickly, with advanced user interface design techniques.  We build web applications that work like desktop applications, with minimal page refreshes and latency.
    • Mobile Application Design - We develop for all platforms and environments.  The 4th Recess Component Based Architecture allows for variable sizing and customization options for target platforms.
    • Business Web Design - Our team uses a template based approach to developing robust business applications with shopping carts, forums, help desk integration, and media interfaces.
    • Multiple Software as a Service Business Models - We do business in a variety of different ways.  We have packages that include merchant services, help desk capabilities, user administration, and business partnerships.

Modules List

Calendar - View your schedule, make appointments, set up notifications

Discussion - Let users provide feedback or comment in the app

Directory Tree - View your data in a hierarchical listing

Dashboard - Centralize charts and business data on one screen

Reports - Generate both dynamic and canned reports

File Manager - upload and download documents or images

Encryption - Multiple cryptography methods available

Public/Private Key Management - store your keys safely

Organization - build a multi-tier organizational structure

Locations - setup tax rates, and other location specific data

Web Services - pre-built SOAP and REST interfaces

Documents - create PDF, Word, Excel, or CSV files

Account - manage subscriptions, payments, users, etc.

Users - create groups, set permission, search users

Assignments - assign anything to anything

Digital Signatures - use a digital signature pad in your forms

Barcodes - create and read barcodes

Credit Card Processing - connect to any processor

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