SaaS Architecture and Design

Application Architecture

We employ a module based approach to Application Architecture.  The 4th Recess SaaS Application Framework allows for modules to easily be inserted in any application deployment for immediate reuse.  Modules can be developed using existing SaaS Application Patterns, or can be custom developed to meet your specific business needs.  This technique reduces the development effort and cost, while greatly increasing the speed to market.

Account Management

The 4th Recess SaaS Framework provides a robust interface for managing your accounts and deployed environments.  The Account Management interface lets you view and manage your account payments, service and usage metrics, contacts, and service pricing.  From the Account Management screen you are able to administer billing and payments, automate late payment notifications, and manage the account closing process.


Our billing interface allows you to set up and test your merchant accounts and your billing preferences.  We provide a simple billing process for your accounts so that your customers will have enough options to accommodate their preferences.  Once we establish your pricing model, we'll configure your billing methods, timelines, and repeatable billing options.

Infrastructure Management

We're serious about our system infrastructure and managing your data.  Our infrastructure facilities use world class security and network components, along with multiple backup and recovery and disaster recovery options .  We provide a high-availability architecture to minimize the risk of any business disruptions caused by server or network failures.  We leverage Cloud technologies to provide elastic high-end performance and availability.

Help Desk

Your users won't be in the dark with our multi-level help desk options.  We provide several options for help ticket management and phone support.  Your clients will have several Service Level Agreement options available to them, promising a quick response to problems, and a quick turnaround for defect resolution.

Training & Support

Whether your users are savvy application experts, or internet beginners, we have their training needs covered.  We can provide person to person training, screen capture videos, online forums, FAQ's, and training documentation.  Whatever your situation, we'll work to ensure your Clients get up to speed quickly.

Authentication & Identification

We greatly value your application security and user privacy.  We have several methods available for user authentication and identification.  We can leverage an existing user repository, or create a new repository.  We provide multiple security policy features allowing you to setup and control the password structure, expirations, and multi-factor authentication.

Single & Multi-Tenent Architecture

There are multiple ways to develop Software as a Service applications.  Do you want your clients to have their own application instance and database, or should they be in a shared environment commingled with other accounts.  We'll help you understand the pro's and con's of each, and explain how these decisions will affect your pricing model and approach to change and configuration management.

Pricing Models

How do you determine the value of your applications, in the context of your market and the services you are delivering?  We'll help you understand the tradeoffs involved in your pricing choices, and help you establish a long term pricing strategy.

Modules List

Calendar - View your schedule, make appointments, set up notifications

Discussion - Let users provide feedback or comment in the app

Directory Tree - View your data in a hierarchical listing

Dashboard - Centralize charts and business data on one screen

Reports - Generate both dynamic and canned reports

File Manager - upload and download documents or images

Encryption - Multiple cryptography methods available

Public/Private Key Management - store your keys safely

Organization - build a multi-tier organizational structure

Locations - setup tax rates, and other location specific data

Web Services - pre-built SOAP and REST interfaces

Documents - create PDF, Word, Excel, or CSV files

Account - manage subscriptions, payments, users, etc.

Users - create groups, set permission, search users

Assignments - assign anything to anything

Digital Signatures - use a digital signature pad in your forms

Barcodes - create and read barcodes

Credit Card Processing - connect to any processor

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