SaaS Application Development

We are the experts when it comes to developing Software as a Service applications, whether you need single-tenant or multi-tenant functionality, we can build to suit your needs.  We leverage the 4th Recess SaaS Application Framework for rapid, high-quality development.  Our approach is to quickly develop a working prototype so that you and your team can get into the design process quickly to assure that your requirements are being met.

SaaS Management & Maintenance

There are many moving parts to a successful Software as a Service application.  We handle everything from documentation, to support, to help desk services, and account management.  The 4th Recess SaaS Framework includes an Account Management console where you can manage all your billing, subscriptions, and communications.  We'll take care of all your hosting needs with world class hosting facilities, backup and recovery, load balancing, and disaster recovery.  You can handle the business, and let us take care of the technology and infrastructure.

IT Support & Consulting

Lost a critical resource?  Don't have the expertise you need on staff?  Let us fill in.  We have decades of hardcore IT experience, and have written applications that have done billions of dollars in transactions, for ten's of millions of users.  We can develop for any target environment from z/OS to Linux, to Windows to Android and iOS.  Whatever your challenge, we can help get your project back on the rails.

Corporate Site Design & Development

We build high end professional web sites that are geared towards growing your business and distinguishing you from your competitors.  Our approach is unique because we understand that buliding the site is actually the easy part.  Where are you in your industry, where do you want to be?  Use your website to project the business you're going to be, not the business you ended up with. 

Corporate Site Management & Maintenance

Ok, you've developed a great web site, now what?  The key to any successful corporate site is fresh content, communications, and insights into the industry.  Stale web sites usually lead to stale businesses.  We can help make your site pop, and show you how to use content development as a way to increase search engine rankings and reach new customers.

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